This is an AI-Generated Code to display a random sequence of DNA, RNA, OR Protein.

The onset of ChatGPT (from OpenAI.com) and Artificial Intelligence to generate code is rapidly changing the landscape of computers and coding in every aspect of our lives. Efforts are already underway to apply them in healthcare to develop cures rapidly and in an efficient manner. 

At Queromatics, we are looking at ways to harness the power of such technology and develop better research tools for use in Bioinformatics, Precision Medicine, and Computational Biology. The code shown above is just a simple example of a random sequence of DNA, RNA, OR Protein. With proper data and training sets, these can pave way for generating very useful solutions in healthcare and Pharma that benefit all. The code was entirely written by AI by giving proper instructions. 

Riding a beast of this capacity presents great opportunities and is akin to riding the Toruk, the Na'vi name of the creature in the movie series Avatar.  If you know to ride it well, it will take you to great heights. 

Feel free to play around with the app below and generate some random sequences.