This is an AI-Generated Code to display a random sequence of DNA, RNA, OR Protein.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing every aspect of our lives, including healthcare. AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard are already being used to develop cures for diseases more rapidly and efficiently.

The app below is a simple example of a program that generates a random DNA, RNA, or protein sequence. It was generated entirely by AI (ChatGPT in this case) with a request in normal human language. One thing to remember is that giving it proper prompts to generate the code is key. With proper data and training sets, these AI tools can pave the way for generating very useful solutions in healthcare and pharma that benefit all.

At Queromatics, we are looking at ways to harness the power of such technology and develop better research tools for use in Bioinformatics, Precision Medicine, and Computational Biology. For example, we are looking at ways to curate information from medical literature and public databases to generate effective reports that can be used by healthcare researchers and professionals. We are also developing algorithms to scan video files from medical conference talks and seminars for easy retrieval of information by attendees.

The potential of AI in healthcare is vast. Riding this beast is akin to riding the Toruk, the Na'vi name of the creature in the movie series Avatar. By riding this beast of capacity well, we can achieve great things. Please feel free to play around with the app below and generate some random sequences to see what AI can do.