PREMISE: Genomic medicine is rapidly advancing and pretty much mainstream into healthcare. The dataset of a single human genome is vast ocean of information that sets him or her apart from everyone out there. As a result response to any medical treatment is going to be very unique that will reflect the genetic make up of the person.

The last few years has steadily seen genomics becoming more mainstream in the medical discipline. It has become more regular to see the the use of personal genomic data as a part of regular clinical care (e.g. for diagnostic and therapeutic decision making). They are also rapidly becoming instrumental in policy implications determining the outcomes of serious clinical diagnoses like cancer into mainstream medicine.

Today, the overall major biochemical pathways are fairly well established. So also are the cell-signalling pathways in the human body. Though a lot remains to be gleaned, the major ones are out there. The genes for them are sequenced and mutations in each of them well documented and observed at clinical level. All of these have also been fairly well culled into the countless databases most of which are even publicly accessible.

All being said, the implications of every new 'variant' and its clinical significance is still vastly under-addressed. The question still remains if any 'alteration' in the genetic sequence at a particular location has any clinical relevance and more so with respect to the treatment outcomes for the given individual. Thus clinical reporting of variants itself is in the process of standardization.

We are therefore at a level where all these information have to be 'intelligently' (by way of automated artificial intelligence - AI) and 'quickly' used to make decision calls when it comes to treating patients and making any meaningful dent in personalized medicine.

Queromatics hopes to address the area of genomic medicine - one dataset at a time; one web based solution at a time.

AIM: To promote and advance scientific research and innovation in natural and life sciences.

MISSION: Queromatics is a nonprofit research and consulting organization dedicated to

  1. Creation and maintenance of

    1. Databases

    2. Knowledge-bases

    3. Research analysis methods and tools

    4. In Natural and Life Sciences. Emphasis is more on relevance to Human health and well being with likely forays in preserving ecosystem and natural climate

  2. Defining, discussing and conferring of open industry standards in new and evolving fields in Natural and Life Sciences.

  3. Support Research and Development in the fields of Natural and Life Sciences through funds received from donors and grants.

The team already has created critically acclaimed research solutions and hopes to build up more with the help of researchers, developers and clinical professionals for open use and access.

Do call us/contact us to know more about how we can team up to and collaborate to make such research solutions possible and the ones we have already developed.