Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

AI - Artificial Intelligence
ML - Machine Learning
NLP - Natural Language Processing

The above are the buzzwords that abound on the internet today, with almost every sphere of human activity using it to advance their technology. We at Queromatics hope to take this to healthcare and biomedical research using our in-house talent of researchers and professionals. Research volunteers currently assisting us in this work include fresh minds from top Universities and institutions. 

Some of the ongoing goals and services explored by Queromatics include:

Enhancing drug discovery and development: Queromatics, through one of its team members, is currently exploring the use of AI and ML algorithms to analyze large amounts of complex data from various sources, such as scientific literature, clinical trials, and electronic health records, to identify new drug targets, predict drug efficacy, and optimize drug development.

Improving clinical reporting for gene variant analysis: Queromatics also is testing the use of AI, ML, and NLP to analyze patient data and provide clinicians with real-time, evidence-based recommendations for diagnosis and treatment.

The above are just a couple of projects Queromatics is actively involved in with hopes of expanding into other areas, including Clinical trial design, predictive modeling of patients at risk of developing diseases, etc.